BMJ’s Proust-inspired Branding Questionnaire with Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman

Alberto Perlman

A few weeks ago I introduced my Proust-inspired questionnaire, which aimed to reveal the taker’s insight into branding, marketing, and business; as well as his thoughts on what made his company a success.

This week I am honored to share with you the answers of Alberto Perlman. A man who helped create a worldwide fitness phenomenon that motivates, inspires and changes the lives of millions around the world. His answers are smart, humble and, I think, really reveal why Alberto was capable of building this tremendous success. His co-founder, president and COO of ZUMBA, Aberto Aghion, will also answer this form next week. At least I hope he will. It will be interesting to see how his responses compare.

Use a single word to describe marketing
What personality traits do you have in common with your company?
Innovative, Purpose-driven
What is your greatest professional achievement?
Having co-created something that changes people’s lives in a deeply meaningful and positive way
What drives you
Innovation, achieving things that seem impossible, and providing a platform for Zumba instructors to change people’s lives
Which company, asides your own, would you like to work for?
For a group of people in a garage building something that will change the world           

Which famous entrepreneur/CEO do you most admire?
Not sure yet…I guess I would have to know them as human beings to say that I admire them.

What do you think is the most important rule in marketing
Have a great product

What is your favorite word to describe your company?

What is your least favorite word?
What is your main fault?
Forgetting things that my wife tells me
What is your professional motto?
Never give up
What’s your favorite brand?
What’s your favorite product?
Dental floss
Which business would you never like to manage? 
Phillip Morris

Just for fun; what’s your favorite day of the year
I never know what day it is

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