Why Pay Us? A Manifesto


To those who are sometimes confused as to why they hire a professional advertising or branding firm to do their communications, and on behalf of all of us who do this job with passion, I would like to remind you why you hire us. In other words, what are you paying for?

In essence, we exist to help you charge more for what you sell, to make your customers see (or perceive) the value of your product and happily pay for it.

You pay us to have your audience engaged, not for you to beg for their attention.

To have customers compelled to inquire, not to deliver all the answers.

You pay us to create desire, to express your vision eloquently, to deliver writing and images in which every detail has a clear intent.

You pay us to make the photos that speak a thousand words. So you do not and will not settle for the ones that your well meaning but, alas, talentless friend takes with his fancy camera.

You pay us to write the engaging copy your brand deserves. So you do not and will not settle for the copy written by a niece who just finished valedictorian in her English major, because it will take you two months to get her up to speed on your brand, at which point you will realize that effective writing is the result of understanding what you sell, not of literary technique.

You pay us to create brand experiences that are at the core of today’s conversations. So you do not and will not settle for that cheap and fast electronic brochure the IT Company offers if you host with them.

You pay us to manage the most valuable asset of your enterprise, your brand, and all the ROI it will bring you in the long term.

We provide you with a comprehensive and articulated view of the strategy, not an isolated tactical solution. We combine our expertise with yours as opposed to blindly obeying and following direction. You pay us to have all the members of your organization aligned and proud, so they can be brand ambassadors.

Therefore, when somebody tells you that they can do it cheaper or faster, remember that what you are building is your brand. In this arena, as in most others, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line, we know how to build the respect your brand deserves!

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July 24th, 2012 11 Comments Branding / Branding Thesis