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As time passes by, I’ve been struggling to find new themes to blog about without being redundant. As I mentioned before, branding is as simple as it comes. Therefore I believe the point has been made. That doesn’t mean the blog is over. My pride is on the line, and I will – if only for my own satisfaction – continue sharing with you some mumbojumbo about brands.

Meanwhile, given that we are wrapping up the most important month in award ceremonies, I decided to grant my own branding accolades.


Drum roll please…

The brand that is growing too fast to figure out its identity: FACEBOOK

The brand that is fully grown yet hasn’t figured out its identity: PEPSI COLA (or is it Pecsi?)

The brand that grew and grew and grew and still remained authentic: NAT GEO

The brand that has nine lives: ATT (Or is it Cingular?)

The brand with the least character: HONDA (Blah!)

The brand with the most character (one you either love or hate): SARAH PALIN

The brand with the most consistent personality: JET BLUE

The brand with the best performance: BMW

The brand that got lost in the clutter: AQUAFRESH (Remember when it stood out?)

The brand that was supported by its products in spite of its deficient branding: SONY

The brand that was supported by its brand in spite of its deficient products: MERCEDES BENZ

The brand that survived its products: TIME LIFE

The timeless brand: PATEK PHILIPPE

The brand position with the most unused mileage: ZOOM ZOOM MAZDA

The brand position with the most used mileage: ENJOY COCA-COLA

The brand that ascended to the top and then tumbled: STARBUCKS

The brand that snuck to the top without anyone noticing: CAFE DE COLOMBIA (Ranked one of the top 10…who knew?)

The umbrella brand that is covering the most products: DISNEY (aka license king)

The umbrella brand that could have covered the most products and didn’t: OBAMA

The brand that was forged by playing hard to get: ROLEX

The brand that was forged by playing easy to get: MCDONALD’S

The man that became a brand: TRUMP (the Donald…)

The woman that became a brand: MARTHA STEWART

And now a message from the master of ceremonies:

You out there whose heads are filled with branding questions and topic ideas, why not share? I promise to do my part and respond, so we can both keep a good thing going.


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