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Today, checking who is following me on Twitter, I encountered Ross Joyner (yourbrandcoach). I loved his little description of what he does: “I am a Personal Branding Coach for all of you who didn’t realize you were being BRANDED everyday with every word that you communicate on the web”.

Ross, I really think you have something interesting going there. As individuals, we want to build a perception of ourselves among family, friends, colleagues and now…total strangers.

We dress in a certain way, talk keeping a consistent tone and form of expression, and live and buy stuff to project that specific image of who we are. (Tell me what you drive and I’ll tell you who you are). Now we are placing words out there in cyberspace, so thoughtlessly, without realizing that each word counts… and how!

Remember? Everything a company does and says builds on what it is.This Branding thesis could not be better applied than to our Facebook or LinkedIn profile, or when we tweet away as we impatiently stand in line at the bank.

So, teenagers, watch out because stalking moms are reading. Senior Management, beware of what your peers think; Public figures make sure your escapades stay out of the social networking arena, and all of you reading keep in mind that everything you say and post will build on who you are.




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June 22nd, 2009 6 Comments Branding / Personal Branding / Social Networking