Kentucky’s Version of ObamaCare Shows the Importance of Branding


What’s in a name?

Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying a little free time and decided to brush up on my reading. I picked up the latest Time Magazine and found, “How Kentucky Got ObamaCare Right”. The article was about the Affordable Care Act and how Kentuckians chose to create their own version of ObamaCare. They call their version Kynect, Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection.

To me, this had branding written all over it. I believe the new name (Kynect) made a big difference for the state exchange, scoring higher on the favorable view scale. More people applied for health insurance in Kentucky than other states that were offering ObamaCare. The name Kynect doesn’t carry the baggage that ObamaCare does. It doesn’t have previously formed opinions about it. It’s not politically charged. In other words, it doesn’t reek of Washington. Instead, it simply promises to provide healthcare coverage for everyone.

Just like any brand that’s being launched, Kynect has a new name, a website and social media presence that allows the brand to have a two-way conversation with the Kentuckians. And like any successful brand plan, Kynect is active in their community, sponsoring events, festivals, health fairs and more. This version of ObamaCare is positioned as an unbiased, one-stop shop for healthcare coverage. It allows the state’s residents to choose from various health insurance plans and make comparisons.

Even the Kynect logo is inviting, uncomplicated and simple. No fancy serifs, nice, kid-like, rounded letters and a neutral, basic color that speaks to everyone. Its spelling is an ode to Kentucky, which appropriates it even more to Kentuckians. The visual element of the Kynect logo, the floating blue arrow, completes the idea of connection. It relays the message of togetherness and inclusivity.

What’s more, just like other popular brands, Kynect has its own fan base. Think of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters or Apple’s Geniuses. Kynect’s “kynectors” are found in communities across the entire state. They are trained to help people apply for quality healthcare coverage, making the entire process easier.

Can a new name make all the difference for your brand?


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September 18th, 2014 0 comments Branding Marketing / Product Branding