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No doubt we’re living in the age of entrepreneurs and, in this era, the word start-up has become “the buzzword”. These incredibly fast success stories are making it to the top of the brand charts, earning a place side-by-side with names like Coca-Cola, Nike, Lego, and other veterans in their craft.

All these start-ups will be faced sooner or later with the many challenges of success at a young age, and all of them will need to have a Matriarch by their side to make sure their purpose becomes a legacy.

Let’s start at the beginning. Over a hundred years ago, a man by the name of John Pemberton, a local pharmacist in Atlanta, created the secret formula for a valuable asset called “the brand.” Mr. Pemberton decided to own that little ahhhhh moment and set himself, and the company, with a goal to refresh the world; no small ambition for a late 1800s enterprise. By choosing a color, shape, and font, he built something that today that is worth over $77 billion. Yes Billion…with a B!

A money making bottling company that sells… happiness!

So many others followed him… Eastman, Wrigley, Jobs, Cristiansen, Disney, Page and Brin to name a few. Visionaries and entrepreneurs; undertakers of big purposes that included breaching the gap between people and technology, preserving humanity’s precious moments, and inspire the builders of tomorrow with a simple game.

These innovators nurtured their brand with an iron fist. An easy task while they were at the helm, but in order to make sure that purpose remained, the navigational chart, long after the men were gone, required a Matriarch; the great woman behind each of them.

Brands, like Tribal Matriarchs, are those experienced and wise women everybody seeks advice from, The Iron Ladys that no one dares to defy, the Sacagaweas that always offer a sound piece of advice to help us make the right decisions; the true leaders of the enterprise.

Also like Matriarchs, brands are links in a long-lasting chain of success and it is their responsibility to make sure that the values, creeds, and purpose of the tribe are passed on from generation to generation.

Some of the 21st century brands carry the burden of success faster than the Matriarch had time to mature and it is up to those young visionaries to make sure the story is documented, the principles are explicit and the purpose is clear so that the powerful Matriarch is equipped with the right tools to pass on the legacy onto the next generation.

Anyone can develop a new soap, soda, or theme park, but the brands that truly stick out and survive the test of time are the ones that really listen and tap into the potential of these Matriarchs.

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