I’m done with Flo.

Progressive Insurance, Allstate and Geico

I’ve had it with her. I used to love her to pieces. She was funny, memorable and unique, but enough is enough. Her story is weak. As cute and expressive as she is, I’m not interested in anything else she has to say. But I can’t blame her. It runs in her blood, and all her peers are just the same.

It’s really hard to connect with any insurance company. At the time, Geico’s “15 minutes could save you” was truly outstanding, even a game changer. But now they’re all doing it. Insurance commercials have become nothing more than a constant chatter asking me to move here rather than there. And this is just car insurance, because health insurance…well, who believes anything health insurance has to say. It all blows up in smoke every time I go to the doctor.Flo from Progressive Insurance

Gimmicks can only go so far. Remember the Macarena song? Brands should have souls. If they don’t—no matter how creative, fun or engaging they are—the songs eventually fade, and they are soon forgotten. As more millions are invested, results become equivalent to a slightly bigger piece of the pie for whoever is capable of making the most noise or creating the catchiest gimmick.

Brands that rely on nothing more than a theme rather than a cohesive strategy become a commodity and commodities are…well, just commodities.

So Flo, I applauded you. You shone for a while, but its time to move on to Mr. Mayhem. To bad I can’t remember if he is from Allstate or Farmers so I just told my broker to get me the cheapest.

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June 12th, 2012 5 Comments Advertising / Branding Marketing / Branding Strategy / Corporate Branding