Bravo Hyatt

Treats from Hyatt, delicious!!

In the course of my career, I’ve had to attend countless seminars in chain hotels, and looking back, they all feel pretty much the same. Meals, in particular, are usually indistinguishable, if not bad. Yesterday, however, I had a completely different experience at a Xerox workshop at the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando. From the breakfast station to the afternoon coffee break, the performance of the hotel’s food and beverage department was the conversation piece of the event. Creative menus, mouthwatering buffets and impeccable service made us all comment on the experience delivered by the event host. So much so that I called the hotel’s manager to express my admiration, and in return, I continued to be pleasantly surprised when he sent a delicious cookie basket as a token of his appreciation. Coming across such truly good service with excellent quality to back it up is a rare treasure nowadays.

The breakfast, lunch and coffee break accomplished what no brochure, loyalty program or ad could have done. Hyatt has in its hands (at least at this branch and I hope this is not a Marriot-like episode like the one I discussed a few months ago) in the possibility of standardizing something extraordinary and constructing its brand from experience and not the other way around. Filled with curiosity about the company, I checked out their marketing strategy. Their somewhat ambiguous tag line, “You’re more than welcome,” felt much stronger and clearer after actually experiencing it. This is the secret of good branding: words are activated in actions. Marketing only works when the strategy is really a culture that everybody in the company lives up to.

I fully applaud the team at Hyatt Cypress in Orlando and invite the company’s marketing department to find in this team the perfect expression and activation of their brand.

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June 15th, 2012 4 Comments Branding / Bravo / Professionalism