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Is passion for the brand still alive? Looking for an answer, I came across a colleague “blogger” at, who is inviting us to consider a road to branding I wholeheartedly share.


 As I mentioned in his blog, throughout my career, I have seen more than one marketing VP make decisions based only on their personal agenda.We’ll have time to share more than one example, but let me start with the most bizarre of all: a VP that admired Goebbels so much as a master of propaganda, that he sent me to his “esoteric doctor” to get the Celtic cross approved to replace the image of his Insurance Company (and I am talking about the biggest Insurance Company in the country) to move the masses as the swastika did in the Nazi era.

Well, coming back to the subject of this blog, the personal agenda, and even the professional agenda sometimes, of the executives of any company can become branding’s worst enemy. Neither sponsoring tennis as a way to keep in touch with my friends at the club, neither collaborating with my spouse’s valuable cause for our community, nor investing in Sunday’s 8:00 pm program because I never miss it, are valid branding arguments. As my colleague would say, the single question we need to ask ourselves before deciding on a way to go: would our customers appreciate it?





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May 21st, 2009 4 Comments Branding Blogging / Branding Marketing / Branding Strategy / Corporate Branding / Propaganda