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As in any Mambo (remember Mambo #5), the idea behind this blog is that of making variations around the same theme, but keeping the rhythm without losing consistency.

If Branding Thesis # 1 stated that everything a company says or does builds on what it is (coherence and consistency), Branding Thesis # 2 states: There is a reason behind each and every branding decision.


I will share with you what I mentioned when talking about Badia (blog: BADIA. A case of branding with an intellectual muscle). Many moons ago, more than I care to admit, I attended a seminar with Milton Glaser, the undisputable master of graphic design in the US, creator of the worldwide famous I LOVE NY. Into the second day of the seminar, Mr. Glaser sent the 15 geniuses in his class to the nearby supermarket to choose a badly packaged product and bring it back, completely redesigned, the following day. As requested, we all arrived with our boards at hand, and a proud parent type of expression in our face. One of my colleagues lifted up the flap to reveal the most spectacular box of Saltines (Nabisco Cracker Brand) I had ever seen. After all thunderous applause died,
Mr. Glaser slowly stood up, approached the designer and said: “I sincerely congratulate you! You have just generated the company a loss of 30 million homemakers”. As we were trying to recover from our unbelievable surprise, he continued: “you took a product that is relevant to 35 million homemakers in the US, and moved it overnight to the Gourmet/Premium category that is relevant to just 5 million homemakers.

If you do not think that Mr. Glaser’s lesson and, consequently, Branding Thesis

# 2 is true, check the most recent example: Tropicana.

To pay tribute to somebody who has so positively influenced my career in only 5 days, I invite you to make his acquaintance by virtually visiting him at


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May 29th, 2009 2 Comments Branding Education / Branding Strategy / Branding Thesis / Consumer Packaged Goods / Packaging / Product Branding