Brand Innovation Bravo: Taco Bell’s Dorito Loco Tacos


“Innovation,” one of those often hollow and overused marketing words, is authentically and profitably put to the test in Taco Bell’s Dorito Loco Tacos (DLT).

While for many a college student it may not sound farfetched to incorporate the addicting zest of Doritos into Taco Bell’s tacos (especially for those under the influence), it took the company almost 3 years to bring this idea into fruition.

Innovation in this industry is rare. Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told Fast Company, “If you look at all the buns the burger boys sell, and the bread at Subway, they are forever coming up with a new bread bun. The crunchy taco: It was yellow and made of corn. We sold a couple billion of them, but there had been no innovation.”

In other words, Creed had a passion: to change the conversation on the humble corn tortilla.

Experts at Taco Bell had to try over 40 recipes, investing millions in resources in order to create a new taco shell that would have the crunch and flavor of a Dorito, but the sturdy hold and slight bend of a Taco Bell crispy tortilla. 

Was this investment worth it?

“We had to hire about 15,000 people last year–two to three per restaurant–in order to handle the sales growth and demand of the Doritos Locos Tacos business,” Creed notes.

For backing up your words with real investment that yields solid results, bravo, Mr. Creed.

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August 5th, 2013 1 comment Bravo / Pop Culture