Boo: Angie’s List’s New Publicity Campaign is Both Boring and Irrelevant


Based on its considerable, to say the least, publicity campaign investment in news networks such as CNN, I assume that Angie’s List is trying to boost their stock value. The millions of dollars invested are undisputedly getting the company exposure but, unfortunately, their strategic position is not only trite but a complete disaster.

Take a look:

Angie’s List is attempting to present itself as a credible company through a campaign that appears to have been produced during the 80’s, complete with empty “client” testimonials and page zooms a la Windows ‘98.

Beyond making the ad unmemorable, they have managed to make the brand’s value proposition sound irrelevant and confusing. Why would someone pay for a subscription to read reviews in the age of Yelp? Who writes the reviews? How does the site work? Why do I need to dial an 800 number to read reviews online?

Before making a multi-million dollar media investment, Angie should have at least sorted out what they are proposing, to whom, and why. None of this is clear in their ads.

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October 29th, 2012 1 comment Advertising / Boo