BADIA. A case of branding with an intellectual muscle




Since I arrived in the US, I have been mesmerized by the Badia case. A brand that in addition to its broad line of spices and condiments, has managed to expand into other supermarket categories. Badia, a small company by Corporate America standards, owns today an important consumer packaged goods brand that has transcended its natural Hispanic market and become a relevant player in the general market.



The secret behind it is, undoubtedly, Mr. Badia’s enterprise geniality. Aside from mastering his own business, he knows what his brand means without sophisticated image manuals. When I met him, almost 10 years ago, he asked me to redesign his labels. I had just returned from a most enriching seminar in New York with a freshly acquired lesson on product branding. I suggested a very subtle change so as not to confuse his loyal consumer base that would see a reliable value proposition represented by the red logo and black letters on a white background. I assured him we would not win any design prize, but that we would gradually increase the level of attractiveness of his brand without losing what the brand had already built because, together with the right display, represented an important ingredient in his recipe for success.

What is really amazing about Badia is that, today, it competes side by side with local Brands in the US and in more than 40 countries. All his efforts and marketing investments have been geared toward making his business partners, i.e. channels, see him for what he is: a serious player in the category. The Badia case exemplifies the fact that branding does not depend on the financial muscle but on the intellectual one.






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May 14th, 2009 10 Comments Branding / Branding Marketing / Branding Strategy / Corporate Branding / Spices